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Welcome to Greenlea Golf Course!

You are invited to enjoy our executive course in the country. Greenlea was built for your pleasure and will test players of all skills, with 3 par 4's and 6 par 3's, with two sets of tees. Our pro shop offers the small items you need for playing as well as rental clubs and pull carts.


Nutrition And Supplements For Golf

Golf may not be the most physically demanding sport, instead relying on technique and skill to win the game. Yet, an average round of golf will require the sportsmen to walk around 15km between holes and golfers can be on their feet sometimes upwards of 6 hours when practicing. The sport of golf does require a much larger degree of fitness than expected.

One of the best ways to improve your performance in any sport is with nutrition. What you put into your body will directly affect how well you can act on the course. A good nutritional approach requires a mixed and balanced diet that is slightly higher in carbohydrates and protein than the average person. This is because you’re exerting more energy in a day than you would be if you were sat at a desk.

Carbohydrates give us the energy we need to perform at a higher level as well as the mental agility needed to outperform our competitors. Focus on complex carbohydrates which release energy over an extended period. These include oats, potatoes, basmati and brown rice, brown bread, pasta, vegetables, fibrous fruits, and starchy foods. Avoid simple sugars which may give you a lot of energy initially but you’ll end up fizzling out quickly. These are things like non-fibrous fruits, sweets, crisps, cakes, pastries, and fizzy/sports drinks. Best BCAA -  branched chain amino acid supplements may be beneficial if your diet lacks important macronutrients. Fats are important for brain and hormonal function. Healthy fats contain a lot of important micronutrients that are necessary for the body to perform optimally. Healthy fats include nuts, seeds, oily fish, avocado, olives, coconut, and good quality dairy if you can tolerate it.

The main component of any sport is hydration. If you become dehydrated then you’ll struggle to focus, become lethargic, stressed and simply not be able to play well. Fluid requirements will differ depending on your size, weight and the temperature of the day so make sure to account for the weather. Try to avoid coffee and alcohol on the day of and the day before a game as because these will quickly dry you out as well as slow down rehydration. On days where you’re playing for an extended amount of time make sure to pack lots of water to drink. Water is the best at rehydrating you which is why it’s the most recommended beverage. If you’re not a big fan of water by itself then try coconut water. Coconut water contains lots of electrolytes and a small amount calories to give you energy whilst rehydrating you.

These are the guidelines that you should stick to if you’re serious about golfing for recovery, performance, and all-around wellbeing.